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Instagram, pinterest and websites give you several  design options. Does that confuse you? Let us help you.

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Do you need a walk-in-closet or a wardrobe and Shower or bath-tub?Are you unable to decide among functional choices? Let us help you.

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Do you want to plan your finances in advance to ensure there are sufficient funds to complete the project?

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Book a consultation webcall
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Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
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What you get on web call

One-to-One live webcall with our expert Interior consultant
Detailed list of rooms to figure your requirements
Clarity on the design of your every room individually
Budget approximation to save lacs of rupees
Gain a Functional understanding of Interior Design!
Theme development according to your Style and Taste
Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
 Special offer till 15th August 2022

Get 5 Bonus Guidebooks worth Rs. 3600/- (FREE) with design consultation call

5 BONUS guidebooks (worth Rs. 3600) to help you understand Interior design styles and material prices for FREE!

#1 Bonus

Interior Design - Themes and Styles

This book is made by our interior design experts who provide the complex nature of interior styles into a simple format so that you can find the one you like with ease.

Value: Rs 680/-
#2 Bonus

Stepwise Guidelines for your Project

This ebook was made with a client’s most important concern in mind. It explains the entire guideline of an interior project and helps you understand the interior decor in a better way

Value: Rs 480/-
#3 Bonus

9 fatal mistakes to avoid before Interior Designing

This ebook will help you gain knowledge of material rates and the different types of qualities available in the market. You can choose the material according to your budget with ease.

Value: Rs 440/-
#4 Bonus

Interior Material catalogue choice and rates guidance

When you don’t know the rate of materials in the market, it can get really hard to come up with an estimated cost. Also, there is a chance that your designer may inflate these chargers. This book will help you save money and get estimated costs.

Value: Rs 1500/-
#5 Bonus

Essential Elements - Gain functional clarity regarding Interior

An eBook that highlights the amenities required for a good living as well as aesthetic purposes.

Value: Rs 500/-
Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
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9 fatal mistakes to avoid before interior designing 

9 fatal mistakes to avoid before Interior Designing

Our Collaborator’s Portfolio

Let us do what we do best – get to know you and your unique style.
Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
 Special offer till 15th August 2022

Our Interior design process


I live in California and Seedtree collaborative is in India, with the help of their cloud based system i was able to get my project planned with much cheaper rates then here in california, had a great experience working with them.They have a lot of experienced professionals who understands what you need and they deliver such design & concepts to you
Ms. Prianka Shinde, USA, California
I wanted to do a makeover of certain sectors of my house and as a practicing CA did not have the time or acumen to decide on my own. I really liked the concept of SEEDTREE and booked a call with one of their designers. They helped me over a web call to map my requirements and also the color palette and style of interiors. I recommend SEEDTREE as things worked out very well for me
Mr. Mehul Shah, Homeowner-Surat
4 BHK Bungalow  Final Design.
My experience with Seedtree Collaborative has been very positive and I really admire the efforts they take to make everything interaction smooth. The designs provided by the designer was upto the mark and covered everything I had expected for. I would definitely recommend others to avail the services provided by Seedtree. 
Ms. Gatha Dubey, Homeowner-Ahmedabad
Office Final Design.
Seedtree Collaboratives and their AEC Professionals were very easy to work with. They took the effort to find out our preferred style and color scheme and easily adjusted whenever we wavered. Everything was handled very professionally by their team
Meenakshi Dalal, Homeowner- Ahmedabad
Living Room||Master Bedroom||Pooja, Kitchen and Dining
My experience with Seedtree has been good. I’m really happy with the first consultation. The designer I met had thorough knowledge of the subject and guided me perfectly. I’m satisfied with the entire team of Seedtree and was amazed to see such professionalism right from the beginning
Sidharth Singh, Homeowner
Online Consultation 
My experience with Seedtree Collaborative has been very positive and I really admire the efforts they take to make everything interaction smooth. The designs provided by the designer was upto the mark and covered everything I had expected for. I would definitely recommend others to avail the services provided by Seedtree. 
Sumit Bhati, Homeowner- Gandhinagar 
1 Room Concept Design
Team Seedtree took proper care of the communication and coordination and provided the best services regarding the remaining interior that I wanted. Of course there is always room for improvement but I would definitely recommend it to others to experience the services provided by Seedtree 
Lokesh Sabharwal, Homeowner- New Delhi 
4 room + exterior concept design presentation
Interacting with Team Seedtree has been very delightful, especially with their Representative Head, Mrs. Bhumi Jariwala.Both my husband and I are greatly satisfied with Tean Seedtree’s command on the subject, professionalism, and adherence to the time-line.
Vineetha. K, Homeowner- Hyderabad
3 room final design 
Earlier I had my doubts regarding remote consultation but with their excellent responsiveness and cooperation all my doubts were resolved. I truly believe that Seedtree is doing a good job and wish they keep it up in the future as well. 
Anirban Roy, Homeowner- Kolkata
1 room concept with material specification
The experience provided by Seedtree was good. Coming to the communication and coordination part STC has been doing a good job.I am happy with the services provided by Seedtree and wish them success in their future as well
Praveer Jaiswal, Homeowner- Bangalore
1 Room Concept Design Presentation & 3D Design
I am really pleased with the services provided by Seedtree Collaborative. The Representative Head- Bhumi Jariwala was really friendly and explained the entire process step by step. The response time was amazing, whether it be conversational or required actions. After attending the 45 mins web call, the designer provided me with very satisfactory concept designs within my budget and as per my taste & requirements
Tippu Sultan, Homeowner - Bangalore
Living Room, Kitchen & Dining
My pursuit of the Perfect Interior Designer ended when I contacted Seedtree Collaborative. Seedtree Collaborative not only provided me with every detail but also stood by me in every step. The designer was perfect and gave me the exact room designs as I was imagining it to be. A big thanks to Seedtree Collaborative and hope they continue to keep up this good work.
Gaurav Verma, Homeowner - Delhi
Living Room & Masterbedroom
I found the services provided by Seedtree Collaborative to be very useful and the idea presented to me was very beautiful. The communication was clear and the coordination was on ampt point. Wish Seedtree collaborative good luck for all their future endeavors. 
Rajesh Sunke, Homeowner- Navi Mumbai
Online Consultation
The communication from Seedtree was quite clear and they explained everything very clearly. Of course, there are certain areas that need improvement but I was really impressed by the way everything was presented and how the entire coordination was conducted. 
Gurbinder Singh, Homeowner-Moga

Online Consultation
I opted for the first call of Seedtree and was really happy with the way the designer and Seedtree executive explained everything. The call was good and left me with a good experience. Happy with Seedtree Collaborative and would definitely recommend it to others as well. 
Karan Aggarwal, Homeowner
Online Consultation
It was totally a good experience, I am totally happy with the way all the details were brought in front of me and how they paid attention to the finest details. 
Shailesh Naugai, Homeowner-Raipur
Online Consultation
The overall experience was on point. The interaction was very good and Seedtree handled things very professionally and carefully. Overall it was an amazing experience. 
Ajay Sorathia, Homeowner-Bhuj
Online Consultation
They ensured I had clarity of all my doubts, They patiently listened to my requirements and taste. The entire experience was satisfactory and I am happy with the services provided by Seedtree Collaborative, I would definitely recommend it to others.
Rishabh, Homeowner-New Delhi
Online Consultation
I would give 5 stars to the interior designer of Seedtree Collaborative for his assistance. He understood my needs and requirements and provided me the guidance. I got clarity about my project. The communication during the consultation call was great and helped me provide great assistance.
Anirudh Jain, Homeowner-New Delhi
Online Consultation
I only had customized requirements and I only wanted a few selected details. The consultation was satisfactory and communicative. I got the detailed described customized design from Seedtree collaborative. I got the details and I am content with the work provided by Seedtree collaborative. I only had to pay for the customized work and I am very grateful to Seedtree collaborative that they provided me with the package suitable for my demand.
Nirmal Kumar Bhatt, Homeowner -Surat
Online Consultation
I got my doubts cleared with the professional interior designer. Seedtree provided special attention and one-to-one consultation, unlike other platforms. Seedtree collaborative gave me sufficient time and cleared all my doubts efficiently. They provided me with designs with all their dedication and that is something I loved about seedtree collaborative a lot. Also, the rate structure by Seedtree collaborative is very less in comparison to other sources. 
Kapil Aggarwal,
Homeowner -Thane
Online Consultation
 I got all my doubts cleared from the conversation. Seedtree provided me with a clear understanding with detailed conversation. The overall experience with seedtree collaborative was very satisfactory. 
Vikas Londhe,
Homeowner -Mumbai
Online Consultation
The overall experience with the professionals provided by Seedtree Collaborative was great. I got all my doubts cleared with them. Indeed, a great service. I would rate them 4.5 stars for the consultation call. The overall experience was great. Looking forward to it.
Vikas bote,
Homeowner -Pune
Online Consultation
I really like the guidance provided by the expert. The interior designer understood my requirements and gave me the right consultation and guidance. I would give 5 stars to the expert for his advice and counselling.
Jasmin Sakaria,
Homeowner -Rajkot
Online Consultation
The call was really detailed and everything was explained in a clear manner. I got the clarity of almost everything. What design should be done, where to keep what, I got clear in all that. The interior designer heard all my problems patiently and provided me with the best solutions. I will give 5 stars to the experts.
Manish jain,
Homeowner -New Delhi
Online Consultation
Seedtree really has a friendly environment, which made me feel comfortable to share all my ideas with the designer freely. The designer was also very knowledgeable and provided me many suggestions and ideas which could beautify my interiors even more. I was really pleased with the designs I have received and would highly recommend Seedtree Collaborative to all the people looking for the perfect interior designer. Thank you Seedtree for such great service. 
Sandeep Sindhe,Homeowner -Nagpur
Online Consultation
Seedtree Collaborative helped me get the perfect interior designer according to my requirements and taste. They were there by my side in every step that was taken and ensured I get what I was looking for. The Concept Design Presentation was spot on and covered all the things that I had explained to the designer. Thank You Seedtree for standing by me and ensuring that all my requirements are fulfilled. 
Umesh Kumar Shukla,Homeowner -Bengaluru
Online Consultation
Seedtree Collaborative Representative ensure that all the matters of my interiors were discussed in detail. I got really great insights and the interior designer expert understood my requirements perfectly. I am happy and satisfied with the services provided. Loved their concept.
Aditya Dipankar,Homeowner -Mumbai
Online Consultation
The discussion about my interior design was discussed in a brief manner, I got good ideas from the expert interior designer. I am satisfied with the services provided by Seedtree collaboratives and believe geographical boundaries have come to an end and the concept of Seedtree is truly fascinating. 
Amar Krishnan,Homeowner -Dharapuram
Online Consultation
The expert interior designer provided by Seedtree Collaborative answered all my queries. I was completely satisfied and pleased with their service. I would surely go for further packages. They provide outstanding services 
Online Consultation
The expert interior designer  had a great imagination and visualisation. All my queries and problems were solved and discussed  in a very clear and concise manner. 
Ashwin Goyal,Homeowner- Indore
Online Consultation
My experience with the expert interior designers on the call was brilliant. The interior designer solved all my queries. They provided me with a with numerous options to go with for my room. The designers understood all my requirements just with a video and he analysed it with great efficiency. I am really amazed and have even recommended this to my friends! Loved it.
Divesh jargal,Homeowner- Jaipur
Online Consultation
The consultation call was really informative and my experience was great. I was really satisfied with the consultation call. Thank you Seedtree Collaborative for helping me with my interior problems. 
Nishant,Homeowner- Godda
Online Consultation
The professional interior designer provided by Seedtree understood my requirements and gave appropriate  solutions to all my doubts. I was  definitely satisfied with the consultation call. Loved their idea
Anirudh jain,Homeowner- New Delhi
Online Consultation
My experience for the consultation call was definitely excellent. The interior designer provided by seedtree collaborative came up to my expectations and gave me the best solutions. Looking forward for more.
Dhanasekran vasudevan,Homeowner
Online Consultation
The interior designer provided by seedtree collaborative gives me an authentic idea about my place. The assistance they provided was awesome.
Naveen gond,Homeowner- Ahmedabad
Online Consultation
The experience of my overall consultation was astounding. I came to know about a lot of things about my interiors including themes which I could choose. I got the idea about planning the interiors of my place. I was pleased and felt content with the call.
Pawan Patidar,Homeowner- Khargone
Online Consultation
I had a good experience with Seedtree collaborative and their expert interior designer. I found the entire call very cooperative and helpful. I am really pleased with the conversation
Rahul bhatia,Homeowner-Faridabad
Online Consultation
I had a detailed discussion during the call. The professional cleared all my doubts and provided relevant information and solutions about my interior design. I am really happy with the call. 
Online Consultation
The interior designer during the consultation call gave me the detailed explanation of all my doubts and provided practical solutions. I am completely pleased with their services and work  provided by them. 
Sagar Srivastav,Homeowner-Nagpur
Online Consultation
 I am really happy with the overall experience with seedtree collaborative. The input and the knowledge of the interior designer was outstanding. It was beyond my expectations. I'm completely satisfied with the consultation provided by them. The staff was really nice and even rescheduled my call as my reference. 
Sidh singh,Homeowner-Indore
Online Consultation
The consultation was good. The interior designer understood my requirements and gave me the required solutions. I was completely satisfied. 
Online Consultation

Meet Your Expert Consultants

We onboard expert interior designers who have helped clients to make their Dream Home & they will do the same for YOU.

19 years exp., Mumbai

16 years exp., Mumbai

6 years exp., Surat

9 years exp., Ahemdabad

8 years exp., Dehli

6 years exp., Delhi

6 years exp., Chandigarh

5 years exp., Surat

5 years exp., Surat

5 years exp., Delhi

5 years exp.,  Delhi

4 years exp., Bangalore

4 years exp., Bangalore

Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
 Special offer till 15th August 2022

How is Seedtree Collaborative Different?

Seedtree Services 
Qualified Experience Consultant  
Structured 45 mins web call to understand client concerns and requirements
5 Expert Guide Books which helps to educate about Interiors and materials 
A standardized digital workflow system 
Flexible packages starting from ₹4999/-
Get consultation online anytime 
Work digitally, leveraging collaboration tools
Transparent Scope of work and pricing with  Defined deliverables as per room packages
Others Services 
No clarification on the experience of the consultant 
No structured call
No guidebooks
Working system as per local standards
No option for small design packages. Base package starts from 1 lac
Meet consultant at the office
Work offline
Clutter scope of work for interior spaces and not price transparency

Here is all you get with every consultation call:


45-mins 1-2-1 call with expert consultants
Interior Material catalogue choice and rates guidance
Stepwise Guidelines for your Project
9 fatal mistakes to avoid before Interior Designing
Interior Design - Themes and Styles
Essential Elements - Gain functional clarity regarding Interior

Total Value: ₹4,099

But for you, we have a special offer of just
Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
 Special offer till 15th August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does a web call with an Expert help me for my Interior Project?

You may be facing the situation about interior design of your home for the first time but experts have been doing this for many clients over the years. They know the challenges you are facing in making right choices and hence are able to guide you properly after deeply understanding your requirements and expectations. We expect you to get clarity on your own functional requirements and style choices along with budget expectations on the call with experts.

Q. How can I get 5 guidebooks and how is it helping me?

Once you have made the payment and given your preferred time for a web call with an expert, you will get an email with a download link to all the five guidebooks. These guidebooks will help you understand the basics on interior design and execution and help you get maximum value out of the web call with experts and later when you get your home design and built.

Q. When will I get my designs?

After the web call the meeting summary will be sent to you along with the summary of design choices you made with the expert. On the call if you feel the same expert has understood your requirements and is in sync with your taste and budget expectations then you can select them to do your one or more room’s concept design which generally takes approximately two working days per room. There will be an extra charge for the concept design on a per room basis, which will be provided to you prior to making the decision.

Q. What type of Deliverable I will get for One room Design and how does it help me?

A concept design of one room includes all the essential elements of interiors that fulfill your functional needs as well as style aspirations along with a preliminary budget for the same. A sample room design deliverable document is presented

Q. Can I get Multiple rooms at a time?

Yes, after your expert web call, you can decide whether you want one room to be designed or several rooms, accordingly the fee is quoted and delivery timeline provided.

Q. I don't have a floor plan, can you just work on photos and videos of our home?

Even a hand-drawn floor plan can help in establishing the context of the room and yes, photos and videos certainly work for our designer. Further, our consultant can help you make the floor plan using simple methods.

Q. I don't have clarity on Interior’s Styles and budget, will Seedtree Consultant will help me out?

Yes, of course. First you will need to study the guidebooks provided to you once you book a call with an expert. Those guidebooks will provide you with sufficient information and then on web calls with experts you can get better clarity to decide which style works best for you as per your taste and budgetary requirements.

Q. If I love the work, Can I Hire for a full Interior house from Design to Execution from Seedtree?

Yes, of course. The experts are helping you get clarity on your requirements and doing the concept designs room wise in order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work prior to giving them the full design assignment. All the design deliverables are provided digitally and provide sufficient details to the contractors you choose to build your home interiors.

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the Consultant’s guidance over the web-call?

While we ensure that the right consultant is chosen to guide you, it may happen that you don’t like his/her communication style/method. After the call we send you the meeting notes along with a feedback form, in that you can choose to seek guidance from another consultant at no extra cost.

Q. Is it safe to pay online to Seedtree?

Yes, of course. We use an industry standard payment collection system which is safe and secure.

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Do your Interior Project like a Pro

Get 45 mins live consultation
45 Mins Live WebCall
5 Guidebooks
    Book live webcall @ ₹299 Rs.99/-
     Special offer till 15th August 2022