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About Us

What does SEEDTREE represent? _______________ SeedTree is Sustainable Engineering Execution Design Technology Responsible Exponential Enterprise

(Ar. Karan Atodaria)

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From our Founder and CEO

During a career span of 9 years in the field of Architecture, he had identified various gaps in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction(AEC) industry. The utter neglect towards core competence of industry professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced to him the need for a digital facelift required for this built industry. His aim is to create a single point of contract that provides golden opportunities to professionals to expand globally and clients to get work done easily.
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Heart of Seedtree

SEEDTREE’s emblem has been derived from The Mother’s Symbol which is a “Stylised Lotus” in bloom. The heart/core symbolises a mother who gives golden opportunities to its offsprings to flourish. The innermost/central circle signifies the “SEED” which has been the core foundational concept for the birth of this platform. The four white petals that encircle “SEED” are the Four Primary Pillars on which SEEDTREE Collaborative renders its primary services. The twelve colored petals at the periphery embody Twelve Secondary Services that will thrive on the SEEDTREE Collaborative platform.



Define your project requirements

Select project typology, choose project type, fill required information, and set per sq.ft. rate or a fixed budget. SEEDTREE screens from its community of AEC(Architecture, Engineering and Construction) professionals to find a perfect match that suits your aspirations, budget, and location.

Finalize and build your team

Interview, negotiate, and validate a team of AEC(Architecture Engineering and Construction) professionals for your project with the help of a support team provided by SEEDTREE. Receive and rank bids from different AEC teams to select the most appropriate team.

Connect and Collaborate in a safe digital environment

With SEEDTREE’s cloud solutions, track milestones, start a video call, or chat with your AEC(Architecture Engineering and Construction) team at the ease of your desktop or smartphone. Manage team members, files, and communications from a single portal.

Easy and hassle-free payment options

The support team at SEEDTREE validates the fulfillment of each milestone and generates invoices for each deliverable. Release payments only after approving the work as completed. Pay as per the rates finalized subject to additional charges for modifications as agreed upon in advance.

Opportunity for Consultant
Gain global recognition and grow your network with our digital platform. Boost your knowledge and skills with exclusive webinars and seminars on industry relevant topics and trends. Challenge your creativity with exclusive competitions that may turn around as your next big gig. Collaborate with other industry professionals to build your own specialised team.
Choices for Client
Track project milestones and release payments as per work done through a secured gateway. With industry leaders competing for your project, ensure you get the best work with the best porposal. Choose objective professionals for M.E.P., structural and civil services based on their experience and location with help from our support team. Shortlist subjective professionals like architects, landscape designers and interior designers based on their digital portfolios.
Seedtree’s Vision
Our vision is to build an interconnected community of AEC(Architecture, Engineering and Construction) professionals who are wired for prosperity and strive for the greater good of the built environment.
Seedtree’s Mission
To this end, our focus is to position various stakeholders of the built industry on a virtual platform providing a steady stream of leads/opportunities for professionals and world-class talent for clients.
Seedtree’s Values
Core Values on which SEEDTREE thrives: Quality : The most important parameter that defines/ushers success. Ethics : The foundation that guides a fair, reasonable and legal workflow. Sustainability : The starting point for the greater good of people, economy and the environment.