Our values

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The foundation that provides our clients with payment protection along with their dream interior designs


The most important parameter, ensuring quality designs in promised time period


Providing quality & sustainable designs maintaining healthy environment


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Ar.Karan Atodaria
Founder & C.E.O
Surat , Gujarat
Architect | Interior Designer | IGBC - AP | Entrepreneur | Meditator | M.MBA | Tie-Surat.

In 2019, The world was brought to a halt because of COVID 19. Due to the heavy physical presence of the AEC industry, many professionals were forced to stop their work entirely. The hardships faced by professionals made our founder realise the importance of bringing this industry on a digital platform. After putting a lot of effort & thoughts, he finally came up with Seedtree Collaborative. Seedtree Collaborative was the biggest platform for the AEC industry as it consisted of each & every factory in the industry. 

Bhumi Jariwala
Co-founder & CSO
Surat , Gujarat

Completing her MCA, she used her expertise in educating the young with her immense knowledge in the field of information technology. During COVID19, she joined Seedtree Collaborative & within a short period of time contributed to helping more than 500+ clients to get their dream home interiors by coordinating with the client & professionals. She is the strongest pillar of Seedtree Collaborative. 

Our team

5 BONUS guidebooks (worth Rs. 3600) to help you understand Interior design styles and material prices for FREE!

Sumant Kachru
Surat, Gujarat

An expert in the construction industry, he has been the guiding stone for Seedtree Collaborative. He has been always ready to serve the world to make it a better place. He has been the guiding light of Seedtree & has shown the right path when needed. 

MBA l B.Tech l digitizing construction field operations | promoting Quality consciousness | entrepreneur
Ar.Suruchi Bansal
Senior Archtiect
Surat, Gujarat

Innovative Architectural designer implementing advanced and technical skills to complete various Architectural, Acoustical, and Interior projects. Actively involved in all aspects of architectural design, from preparing client presentations to overseeing the execution of completed designs.

Nachiket Patel
Surat, Gujarat

Experienced Founder & Tech Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and startup industry. Strong entrepreneurship and professional skilled in Javascript, React, Angular, Docker, Android, Java, Software Architecture, Object Oriented Design and System Architecture.

M.Sc l B.Sc
Vaishali Gajjar
Surat, Gujarat

After completing her education, Vaishali knew her potential & talents in accounting. Humble, peaceful & caring are just her key features. She’s always ready for a challenge & has never failed to deliver. Dedicated to her work, she has been a strong pillar of the Seedtree Team & will always be.

Master in Accounting l B.com
Shubhansh Nigam
Mumbai , Maharashtra

Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Guitar Playing, Audio Recording, Music Composition, Piano Playing, and Songwriting. Strong business development professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Mumbai

B.Com l M.A. l Post Graduation Diploma in Event Management and Experiential Marketing
Diksha Sati
Haldwani, Uttarakhand

Content Writer with a history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Web Content Writing, Communication, Public Speaking, English, teambuilding, and Leadership Development. student of journalism and pursuing a bachelor's degree from Delhi university

B.A(hons.) Journalism

Making an impact

Seedtree Collaborative has dedicatedly served more than 600+ clients pan India


Interior consultation call completed 


Completed Projects





Our journey


Seedtree got founded with Vision of Ar.Karan Atodaria to provide digital solution for AEC(architecture, engineer, construction solutions) and provide one point solution to all homeowners at affordable rates.


Launched its 1st digital design competition event WWT where more than 100 + designer got participated.

2021 (January)

Seedtree got recognised as startup by the department for promotion of Industry & Internal trade by government of #startupindia.


Collaborated with 3000+ AEC professional PAN INDIA.


Seedtree launched its digital services for its 1st segment - Interior home design solutions in PAN INDIA.


Seedtree provided home solutions to 600+ Clients in 41+ Cities PAN INDIA.

Our Mentors

5 BONUS guidebooks (worth Rs. 3600) to help you understand Interior design styles and material prices for FREE!

Kashyap Pandya 
Founder - Syncoro Ventures
Mumbai, Maharashtra

A strategic planner by profession, a writer at heart and an entrepreneur in spirit, Kashyap is the Founder & Director of Syncoro Ventures - an Integrated Startup Accelerator and an Idea Lab. Syncoro's Startup Ecosystem also includes a portfolio of group companies

Founder - Syncoro Ventures | President - TiE Surat
Yash Shah
Founder- Jeavio
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

A venture services firm that invests in early-stage companies to help accelerate product development. Expert in the industry, successful entrepreneur & the guiding light of Seedtree Collaborative. Has guided the company through many situations, and has been a great contributor to the world of development & ventures

Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Angel Investor & Product Advisor

Our Angels

5 BONUS guidebooks (worth Rs. 3600) to help you understand Interior design styles and material prices for FREE!

R P Rama
Technology & Finance Expert
Real Estate Expert
AI & Gaming Expert
Hrishikesh Sanatkumar Joshi
Lean Construction Expert
Mehul Javeri
Finance Expert

16 years exp., Mumbai

6 years exp., Surat

10 years exp., Mumbai

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