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'HEART' of SeedTree

  • The central circle represent the core foundation area 'SEED' for the birth of the Seedtree Collaborative.

  • The Four white petals encircle core foundation 'SEED' represent the Four Preliminary services of Seedtree Collborative.

  • The Twelve colorful petals encircle four white petals represent the Twelve Secondary services emerged from four preliminary services of Seedtree Collaborative.


How Seed Tree Works

Choose your typology of the project.
Select type of project of your requirement from the typology of project category. Tell us about your project. Seedtree finds a perfect match Top AEC Professional around the world or near you.
Finalize AEC professional team.
Seedtree collaborative would provide Owner Representative who helps to build right AEC professional team which is matched as per client requirenments,track-record, aspiration, availability, budget & location. Get Bids proposal from AEC Teams shortlisted for your project.Compare bids, review team profile, shorlist favorites.
Collaborate Virtually.
Have a virtual meet with Individual professional whenever required.Work on cloud based technologies. Use Seedtree collaborative to chat or video call, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile.
Payment simplified.
Get Fixed price for every task based work, If there is any modifications then additional charges to be agreed upon in advance.Received invoice through Seedtree.Get work deliverance milestone stages before start of project. Track the milestone, validate it through Owner representative. Release payment from milestone to next milestone.

3 Core Values of SeedTree

  • Quality is our most important parameter to define success.

  • Ethics is our framework for fair, reasonable and legal working methodology.

  • Sustainability is our focus to consistently balance people, economy and the environment.

9 Benefits to AEC Experts

1. Allows focus on their passion and core competence.

2. Work from any location.

3. Makes members cost competitive without compromising their bottom-line.

4. Strong group profile while keeping their individual identity.

5. Reduced fixed overheads.

6. Buying power due to Economy of scale.

7.  Knowledge enhancing & sharing opportunities.

8. Global reach facilitated by cloud based collaborative work systems.

9. Additional revenue sources.

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