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11th Mar - 2nd May 2021


A farmhouse in its native sense stands for a house serving as the main living place in a rustic environment. Farmhouse as a trend seems so extravagant considering the land-human proportion crisis of the present time but you’ll be surprised to learn that the roots grew from humble origins.

Exposed to the mixed noise of traffic and alarms, city life has impacted our well-being. In today’s fast racing times, a lot is being left behind, so is the idea of spending time on the farm. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people have had no other option but to stay at home and are now retreating to vacation spots. But No better getaway than a Farmhouse in times of social distancing to reconnect with roots and nature.

The timeless characteristics of a Farmhouse is to be kept in mind while crafting unique farmhouse designs are

. Location- A farmhouse is typically designed keeping in mind the distance from the city lifestyle hence becoming a perfect getaway and breather.

. Layout- Simple and neat planning of spaces that connect the indoor and outdoor environment. A design aimed to act as a place more peaceful and relaxing than a regular house.

While serving the purpose of leisure, the Farmhouse can also be a source of income generation. And besides growing your veggies is always a step towards sustainability. Therefore, the development of agricultural pastures is an essential part of the competition.


The competition aims to develop a strategy that not only serves for materialistic development but also looks into science and nature. Therefore, the Contest ponders on architecture and its immediate response to nature. The challenge here would be to integrate man’s form of architecture with the convenience of nature.

The main outcome of the design approach must include:

  1. A balanced approach to work and leisure

  2. Synchronizing house and farm development

  3. Sustainable design approach

Twist in the game

Tips on how to approach further in the contest and accumulate ideas will be posted on social media.

Although the choice of site is up to you, the built-up range of AREA will be put up on the first day of the 7 Day Design contest.

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