Refund Policy

Being a service provider, SeedTree Collaborative (“STC”) shall not grant an absolute refund of the amount received from the customer for its services. In case the customer is not satisfied with the services provided through STC platform or STC could not deliver as per the commitment, the customer has following rights;

  1. Raise the concern through mail with all the details about the grievances, reasons why he/she believes that STC has not delivered to what has been agreed or committed.
  2. The customer care representative shall contact the respective customer on receipt of the mail about the grievances and discuss the possible solutions.
  3. Please note that in case the customer is not satisfied or happy with the deliverables provided by the professionals through STC platform, STC will endeavour to assign the other Professional who is competent to deliver based on best possible judgement. No additional fees/charges will be recovered for replacement of the Professional.  
  4. In case the customer is still not happy with the deliverance of a new Professional assigned by the STC, under special circumstances based on merits, the management may consider refund of the fees/amount received from the customer based on his sole discretion subject to such restrictions and conditions as he may consider necessary. 
  5. Under no circumstances, the amount collected towards taxes, duties shall be refunded back.
  6. All the requests for the refund shall be subject to sole discretion of the management as regards the quantum of the refund amount as well as conditions attached to the refund.